• Compact design in SMD, 8x5cm, mounted on the LC display
  • Supports HD44780 based LCD (3.3V!)
  • AVR ATMega 1284P
  • Micro SD Card Reader
  • "Real" Power off
  • Supply voltage 4,8V - 6V
  • Backdoor functionality allows access when the battery has drained or the box won't open due to misconfiguration

  • Availlable in English and German, metric and imperial
  • Configration menu, controlled by two push buttons
  • Waypoint upload using a micro SD Card
  • Alternative: Simple setting of the destination by push button
  • Waypoint simulation for testing
  • Custom messages per waypoint (on waypoint start and when a waypoint is reached)
  • Multi waypoint support
  • Time depending waypoints possible: The waypoint must be reached at a given date/time
  • Accuracy of the shown distances can be set: Meter-accurate, or depending on the distance first in km then in 500m increments and only shortly before the target meter-accurate. In this way, the possibility of accurate bearing over two measurements is made more difficult
  • Maximum allowed number of bearings adjustable
  • Editor for easy waypoint definition
  • Waypoint logging - Waypoints can be logged and written to the micro SD card
Here's a video, that shows how you plan a YARC adventure, how you prepare the box and how it works in real life.

“Just amazing, we had so much fun.”