Want your own one?

You like my little project and you would like to have your own box?

There are two options:

You can do it like me, and use one of the sources mentioned and build your own magic box.

Or you contact me, I may have a few more boxes that I can spare.

Version1-Au├čenansicht Version1-Au├čenansicht

Unfortunately, the boxes are not cheap - The hardware costs alone are about 60 Euros and to solder the whole thing by hand and build the boxes also takes some time. If you're interessted in purchasing one of mine, just drop me a mail and make an offer. If you want, you can google Sundial and see what they ask for their (admittedly more beautiful) boxes with much lower functionality.
If, contrary to expectations, many people would show interest, I might consider a small series with a complete assembly in the Far East, which would allow significantly lower prices.